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"I have found these coaching sessions incredibly useful while starting up my new business in Private Practice in Counselling.  They have help me focus on what I want to accomplish and what I am hoping my work/life balance will look like.  Then by breaking these goals down to achieveable targets I have been able to take “small steps” to move my business along in the right direction.  These sessions have made me realise how important it is to evaluate and re-evaluate what I’m doing; scheduling the time in to focus on my business needs is vital to it’s success and to my own well-being.  Ollie helped me look at what I’m doing in a holistic way, finding my strengths, what my barriers were, exploring imaginative ways to come up with new ideas as well as keeping in mind what I want my life to look like in the future while working towards it.

Thank you Ollie, your patience and thought provoking challenges helped me look at different ways to drum up business and think creatively on how to do this. It’s an on-going process and the structure you have put in place will help me continue in the same way."


Amanda Renz

I feel that I have been on a real journey with my life coaching sessions. To begin with, Olliecoached me on the various ideas I’d had for my future career. This helped me decide what I didn’t want to do as much as what I did and focused me enough to start a plan of action.
We then started to work on specifics where Ollie and I would discuss my job and volunteering applications as well as my to-do list before our meeting the following week.
What was important was that everything came from me with guided questioning from Ollie. Often it was only when I got home from a session that I came to important realisations that helped me to make decisions.
I still have some way to go in my journey, but my work with Ollie has given me the confidence to persue a career that will be fulfilling and I know that she is always there for further sessions should I need them in the future.

Pascal Jourzac

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