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You know what you should be doing, but......

You need some motivation but don’t want to commit to regular coaching sessions, because you’re not sure that it’s for you.

You’re struggling to get going with that one off goal or plan that needs to be written.

Maybe you need a bit of post lockdown re-focusing?


I can now offer a one off 90 minute focus session, designed to deal with any topic, and leaving you with clear steps to move forward.


Whether it’s finding a new direction or way of doing things, an event plan, progress plan, new routine, new diet or exercise regime, a kick start to getting going again. Spend some dedicated time, one to one invested in you, bringing focus and direction.


One to one via Zoom or weather permitting, walking/ outdoor workshop.


An impartial, confidential, reflective interaction guiding you to your goal.

Workshop: £85

Book a free, 20 minute consultation to discuss your options.

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