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Wandering Traveler


Creating a positive shift

Life and Business Coaching delivered differently.

Take your personal and business development outdoors with ‘Step Into Focus’.

Let’s face it... we’re all zoomed out and fed up with looking at screens!

Predating lockdown, these unique sessions offer you access to all the benefits of a face to face coaching session while also benefiting from physical activity.

Physical activity increases endorphin production in the brain (our feel good hormone!), so improving our mood. Regular activity can also help improve memory and executive functions such as decision making. Being outside in nature has a whole new level of importance after recent events.

My unique style of coaching combines positive energy and prompts from the environment to guide activities and discussion on your development journey.

Single session:

30 minute - £45

1 hour - £60

Or check out one of our 4 or 6 session packages.

Book a free, 20 minute consultation to discuss your options.

Step Into Focus: Service
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