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  • Ollie Golding

‘This may be a silly idea, but.....’

How many times have you started a conversation with the following statements?

‘This may be a silly idea, but...’

‘It’s a complete fantasy, but...’

Have you already pre-judged what the other persons response is going to be, undermined your own intelligence, or written off your dream in one opening sentence?

Seeking for someone else to validate your thinking is a natural thing to do, but by just tweaking the language you use can give a whole new confidence to you and your idea, and bring your dream one step closer.

Think about it this way:

‘I have an idea to consider...’

No pre-judgement, positive exploration.

‘In the future I would like...’

Why does it have to be a complete fantasy? Have you considered it in any depth?

No idea is silly or fantasy if you explore it in detail, consider the pros and cons, the steps to achieving and the impact.

You might decide of the consideration that it is impractical, but at least then you haven’t pre-charged and written off.

The most likely outcome is that you will find ways to work with the initial idea and carryforward a positive plan.

Talking to others can help clarify some of these thoughts and ideas, and can open up new, interesting ways of working towards or achieving the outcome intended for your idea.

However, exploring with others can be as undermining as those pre-judged statements.

Why do we pre-judge our pitch to others?

Is it because we don’t value ourselves or is it because we feel the person we are addressing won’t put any value on it?

Do we feel their opinion is more knowledgeable than ours?

Do they want us to succeed?

Will they even understand it?

Are they even interested?

We’ve all been on the other end of those ‘that’s nice dear’ conversations and they can be demoralising!!

Sometimes the person we are pitching to can be fanatic, building us up to a frenzy driven pedestal from which to fall mightily without proper consideration.

This is where talking to a Coach can help.

They can listen, reflect, challenge and help you qualify your ideas and plan your dreams with impartiality and without judgement.

Leaving you with a clear idea based on practical thinking and planning.

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