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Here we are then.....long time no contact...

Eighteen months ago, I took on a part time job to support my income whilst scaling up my business. How many of you self-employed people out there are in touch with that one?

It was also a role that would still give me hands on experience with volunteers and community, part of my passion that I wouldn't get from working with individuals. It was a 'good opportunity'.

And here I am today and the role has been so far from the original spec, it is almost unrecognisable!

After 18 months of firefighting and bringing things up to date, effectively doing the work of two people and launching a new project to boot, it took one exhaustive incident during the summer to open my eyes to how much the role has taken over, in more ways than one. What was originally meant to supplement my business and skills has gradually started to squash both.

Time to stop, sit back, reflect, learn and make changes.

I know my 'part time' role is not for me in it's current form and that it has taken over my life both physically and mentally but how has it got to this point? Part of the reason is that I lost sight of my goals and my reasons for doing it, the need to supplement my income became the main focus. This probably happened when I lost track of my own personal development during all the firefighting, I let my own coaching slip, so how was I meant to help others?

That old saying, 'practice what you preach'.

But there is also the saying 'learn from your mistakes', so here I am reflecting and learning. It's not straight forward but resetting those goals and being true to myself is a starting point, understanding what is right for me and working on the compromise.

Over the next few months, I will be overhauling my goals and along with them, my services, my website and my branding, to reflect where I should be and aim to be, so watch out for the changes and let me know what you think.

And finally, I just want to say thank you to previous clients, current clients and colleagues for the support, inspiration and learning you give me every day. I hope you will all come on my journey with me.

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